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Challenge starts Monday, August 17th and ends Friday, August 21st in a Free FB Group. Starts In:


Stefan Ciancio

Hi, I’m Stefan Ciancio here!

Whether you are struggling these days to stand out, reach your ideal audience and buyers, and reach your target amount of sales or clients ...

Or if you are already doing well but want to expand your business to stand on “more legs to stand on”...

What I am about to share with you could end up giving you what you have been desperately needing for a long time- in 5 days!

You need TRAFFIC...from a proven platform!

You need a chance to get in front of your ideal buyers every day, without massive competition like on other platforms. 

While other platforms are getting more saturated, this one is actually experiencing massive consumer growth!

So… Which Growth Source Should You Turn To Right Now
As The Best Way To Grow Your Audience In 2020?


For years now I have been using Pinterest to grow my own websites
as well as helping students and clients do the same thing.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is the secret weapon you’ve been missing

Over 500,000,000 users and fastest growing social media site

While other channels get more saturated, Pinterest is becoming less saturated (rate of consumers signing up is way higher than businesses)

Pinterest users have more money to spend than other platforms

Majority of Pinterest users polled said they use Pinterest to plan purchases

Just about all niches are represented

Scroll down for the full challenge structure and how this works! Or you can opt in here, all is explained.

Challenge starts Monday, August 17th and ends Friday, August 21st. Starts In:

What Kind of Results Are Possible?

I have personally used Pinterest to get over

1.2 Million

Free visitors to my website

Imagine over 1,000,000+ visitors from paid traffic, at an average of $1 per click that would mean you’d need a million dollars to pay for that kind of traffic that with Pinterest, I got for free. 

Check Out This

Tiny ‘Little’ Blog Experiment

My brands now have gotten 200,000-1,000,000+ free views on Pinterest, and 1,000+ daily visitors regularly to my sites to build my brands, audiences and lists…  

Pinterest Works For
Almost All Types Of Businesses



E-Commerce Store Owners

Course Vendors

Service Providers




Across Almost All Niches

Health, Fitness, Wealth, Internet Marketing, Meditation, Relationships, Parenting...

Almost anything you can think of is HUGE on Pinterest!

And It Will Allow You To:

Get More Free Visitors  

If you are struggling to get traffic or want an increase to the traffic you already get. This will add an extra source of targeted traffic completely free and hands-off after setting it up.  

Build Your Email List  

In the strategies I teach, you can build a big email list organically and passively even if you don’t have any subscribers right now.  

Get More Brand Exposure  

This is the perfect strategy to get positioned as an authority for your brand and drive more engagement to your content.  

Get More Clients  

If you are not getting any or few clients, this is a surefire way to generate a lot of clients by leveraging the traffic techniques in the training you'll receive.  

Get More Sales  

Want more sales? Then this will help drive your sales up by sending tons of free traffic and not worrying about it so you can enjoy focusing on other parts of your business.  

Get More Visitors To Your Social Media  

You will soon be able to flood your social media with hordes of free traffic on autopilot so you can build your following.  

Use This Method To Drive Traffic For Your Clients  

Not only will this work for you, but you can also use this training to help get your clients results so you can enjoy another source of income.  

Join Me For The 5 Day
Pinterest Challenge For… Free!

Why Is It Free... What’s The Catch?!

Yes, there’s a catch. Here’s the catch…

When you get results, I ask that you give me a video or written testimonial with proof. This means it is mutually beneficial for both of us.

You get to grow an asset to help you grow your own business, and I get a testimonial to help me grow mine. 

I think it’s a pretty good deal, right?

I love helping people get results, so let’s do it 🙂

The Challenge Structure

This challenge will take place in a Private FB group from Monday, August 17th to Friday, August 21st.

Every day, I will post a short exercise in the morning for you to complete. In the evening, I will go live with a question and answer section. So you will have plenty of time to get the work done- and get to interact with me twice a day 🙂

You will need around 30-60 minutes per day to execute on the work. By the end of the challenge, you’ll have a powerful asset that you can then use to start getting serious growth to your business.

Day 1

The introduction day. I will go over understanding how to turn Pinterest into a buyer attraction magnet

Day 2

Profile optimization and building the traffic & buyer magnet

Day 3

SEO research- getting in front of your ideal buyers daily

Day 4

Creating your first pin!

Day 5

Automation- how to scale up fast

Challenge starts Monday, August 17th and ends Friday, August 21st. Starts In:

Join The Free 5 Day
Pinterest Growth Challenge!

Challenge starts Monday, August 17th and ends Friday, August 21st. Starts In:

Join up for the challenge, the instructions to join the FB group are on the next page.

Can’t wait for you to start crushing it.

See you soon,

Stefan Ciancio

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the challenge start and end?

The start date is Monday, August 17th and ends Friday, August 22nd. Before then, you’ll need to get registered for the challenge and join the FB group. I have some preliminary information in the group for you to check out before we begin as well.

How much time does Pinterest take?

You can automate Pinterest marketing and still properly do it, in as little as 4-6 hours a month. Some or all of this is also outsourceable.

How much time do I need to do the challenge?

It is recommended to try and allocate at least 45-60 minutes each day. A new video will be dropped into the group every day with your task for the day.

Do I need any experience for this?

No! I cover everything even if you have never touched Pinterest before. If you are already doing Pinterest, you will be able to learn how to dramatically improve your strategy and results on the platform.

What are the prerequisites?

You should have some sort of business or blog that you need help growing.

What type of businesses is this for?

If your business sells a product or service, and if your business is a website where you make money from ads. Almost anyone who needs growth, exposure and traffic.

What is the challenge format?

This is a 5 day challenge. You will be in a private group where I will give a video every day and be there to answer questions for you. By the end, you will have a Pinterest business account optimized and likely already receiving traffic and exposure.

Who should not join the challenge?

People who are looking to get rich quick or don’t have any sort of business or blog.

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