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From the desk of

Stefan Ciancio

Hi there,

You may already be marketing on Pinterest, or maybe you’re getting ready to start.

Either way, there’s something you NEED to do on Pinterest, otherwise you are wasting your time…

You NEED to make sure your pins stand out!

A low quality of pins will reflect on how people feel about your brand, and limit the amount of people actually clicking to your website and saving your pins to their profile for more to see…

So, When You Actually Have

The Problem?

So, I Wanted To Create

A Way For You To Be Able To:

Have high quality pins that stand out for your business

Be able to create tons of them really quickly and easily to save you massive time 

Do it without requiring a massive budget for graphic artists to save you massive money


My custom Pinterest pin templates plug right into Canva and will let you build out beautiful, unique Pinterest pins faster, cheaper and easier then ever before.

Your business will greatly thank you!

Yours Today For Only $37 $18.50

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Here’s How It Works


Pick A Template

Grab my professional Pinterest pin templates


Import Template

Follow my instructions to add them into your Canva account (Canva accounts are free!)


Edit Template  

Follow my simple instructions to edit the templates and create unlimited pins without any editing experience needed (Canva is super easy, all drag and drop!)  

Save Thousands Of Dollars Hiring A
Graphical Artist To Make Every Pin For You From Scratch!

Right Now You’ll Get My Top 15
Pinterest Pins Totally Customizable

Yours Today For Only $37 $18.50  

50% Off For Challenge Participants!

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These Pins Are Set Up To:

Ensure people associate your brand with professionalism, authority and trust

Ensure that your pins get great click through rates

Ensure that people like your pins so much that they save them to their profile for more to see

Allow you to get the best Pinterest results from your pins without burning a hole in your wallet or spending all your time learning complicated graphics tools

So, Grab These Now For My Introductory Price

Yours Today For Only $37 $18.50

50% Off For Challenge Participants!

Discount ends before challenge starts:

Grab my pins now, and you’ll have instant access right away on the other side of this page!

Then you can start getting them on your profile and exploding your Pinterest growth.


Stefan Ciancio

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any experience to use these?

You do not need any experience to use these templates. Canva is made for anyone and if you can use a computer, you can use the easy, drag and drop interface of Canva to edit and create beautiful pins for your Pinterest account. I also include super simple, easy to follow videos on how to edit the pins so you are covered either way.

Is a Canva account free?

You can create beautiful pins using Canva with a free Canva account. If you do want to upgrade, there is a premium tier with a few additional features for around $10/mo. This is absolutely NOT necessary and you can use my templates to create beautiful pins with no issue on a standard (free) Pinterest account.

Do you give instructions on how to import these into Canva?

Yes, I explain everything. The whole process of getting access to my templates and adding them to your Canva account will take just a few minutes. It is extremely easy and straight forward, I explain everything in my training video included with your templates.

So, Grab These Now For My Introductory Price

Yours Today For Only $37 $18.50

50% Off For Challenge Participants!

Discount ends before challenge starts:

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