Day #3

5 Day Blogging & Traffic Primer Course!

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You Finished Day Three!

Please keep a lookout for another email tomorrow which will be Lesson #4 of the course.

If You Want to Skip Ahead...

We will provide links to the further videos here if you want to move faster. Otherwise just look out in your emails to go at the normal paceĀ šŸ™‚

Your Action Taking Blogger Scholarship

Since you are now enrolled in my free blogging and traffic primer course, you get a special scholarship to 15% off any of my premium offerings at theĀ Action Taking Learning Center.

Currently here's the offerings available:

Blogging & Traffic Masterclass: This free blogging & traffic course will give you the basics of blogging so you can get started, drive traffic and make sales. The Blogging&Traffic Masterclass takes things to the next level by giving you my exact traffic execution plan, advanced tactics that have skyrocketed my traffic and sales, and a more in depth and laid out plan. This is for people who are more serious.

One on One Consulting: Do you want me to help you one-on-one? After large demand from people asking for personal help, I decided to create this offering. I will go over your business and help you create an execution plan to drive you towards the results you desire.

Done For You Blog:Ā This offering is for people who want someone who has been an online marketer, blogger, and traffic guy for years set up their blog the "right" way. This is for someone who wants everything set up properly with no guesswork, so they have a powerful asset to grow and product more traffic and more profits for years to come.

The links above already have the 15% scholarship applied as you'll see whhen you head there, the original price will be slashed out, and the 15% off price will be shown. If you decide to come back later, the coupon for all the options isĀ SCHOLARSHIP15.